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Teeth whitening in McGuire

The reasons for teeth whitening are fairly straightforward. You want to rid your smile of the effects of stains, discoloration, and dullness, all effects of the common causes of losing your natural tooth coloring. Here at Browns Mills Dental Center, you have every reason to feel excited about the results you’re going to get here.

Public enemy number one when it comes to teeth stains is tobacco. It matters little whether you smoke or you vape from a cosmetic standpoint. Yellow or even brown teeth are the likely result. Many of people’s favorite beverages are also culprits. Among them are coffee, tea, red wine, and cola. And curry, soy sauce, hard candy, and even nutritional star berries are responsible for needing teeth whitening from our McGuire dental office. Other ways that your teeth become less white include the effects of some prescription medications, and the natural process of enamel wearing down over time. So now that we know how you lose your brilliant tooth color, how do you get it back? At our McGuire dental office, you can either get the whitening treatment done here in less than an hour; of you can get impressions taken for the crafting of whitening trays that you’ll use at home to do it yourself in a matter of days. Neither one is necessarily a better option than the other. It all depends on your preferences really. Would you like an immediate transformation or a more gradual change? Are you a more do-it-yourself individual? Once you answer those questions, you’ll know which is best for you. Rest assured, our treatment for whitening is safe on your enamel, which cannot be said for many products you can buy at drugstores and supermarkets.

Don’t go any longer than you have to without the white smile you deserve. Reach out to our McGuire dental office and set up a time for your appointment.

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