McGuire Teeth Cleaning

McGuire Teeth Cleaning

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Importance of Biannual Dental Visits in McGuire

McGuire Teeth Cleaning
McGuire Teeth Cleaning

Good dental health is an essential part of your overall health and taking proper care of your teeth and gums helps keep your dental health at its optimum level. Our dentists at Browns Mills Dental Center has been helping people of this and the surrounding communities preserve and protect their oral health with a full range of general, cosmetic, pediatric, McGuire teeth cleaning and restorative dental services. Our practice’s philosophy is to protect oral health by preventing decay and other dental problems as much as is possible.

Our preventative program is a partnership between our practice and our patients. Our patients are taught the best ways to brush and floss their teeth daily. Our dentists provides regular checkups and McGuire teeth cleaning to clear away plaque and tartar to help prevent decay as well as evaluate the state of the each patient’s mouth, teeth and gums every six months. It is extremely important to have a regular checkup with one of our doctors twice a year so that any recent and developing problems and decay can be spotted early. Early detection is crucial to treating the problem before it gets worse and requires a more invasive and progressive restoration or affects other structures in the mouth. For instance, if a spot of decay starting in a tooth is caught early it can be filled using a minimal restoration, but if allowed to deepen and widen it may later cause pain and require a major filling with a root canal and a crown. Minor cases of gum disease can be dealt with through a simple non-invasive procedure but if left to develop it can lead to tooth and bone loss and the need for a surgical intervention.

A semi-annual checkup from our dentist also screens for oral cancers, which need to be caught as early as possible and can develop quickly. In the long run coming to our office for semi-annual checkups and a McGuire teeth cleaning can save our patients money rather than waiting until more complex restorative treatments are necessary. More than possibly money savings regular checkups can save time, pain and ultimately help save your teeth. Make an appointment to begin a preventative dental program with our practice.

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