New Egypt Dental Checkup

New Egypt Dental Checkup

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Oral Hygiene in New Egypt

New Egypt Dental Checkup
New Egypt Dental Checkup

Cavity-free teeth and strong, healthy gums give you peace of mind about your oral well-being, and here at Browns Mills Dental Center, we know that the best way to achieve that goal is a combination of strong habits at home and your commitment to coming in two times per year for our New Egypt dental checkup.

Plaque, fed by sugar from your diet, causes the decay of your tooth enamel, eventually forming small holes that are called dental cavities. Plaque also irritates your gums and can make them red, two key signs of early stage gum disease. When you brush after meals and floss daily, most of the plaque is eliminated. But some of it can hide in gum pockets and out of the reach of your brush and floss. There it hardens into tartar, just as dangerous to your oral health, but too tough to remove with simple at-home oral hygiene. This is a big reason why you should come in every six months for our New Egypt dental checkup. Our dentist will inspect your teeth and gums, and take x-rays periodically to find even small cavities before they can grow larger and increase your susceptibility to getting a bacterial infection in your tooth. And since that can cause severe pain and the need for root canal therapy, any reasonable action that can prevent large cavities is essential. A teeth cleaning, also part of our New Egypt dental checkup, serves two important purposes. First, it eradicates all the plaque and tartar left in your mouth. Second, it reverses the effects of early stage gum disease. And since our checkups also include an analysis of your occlusion (bite), the supporting structures of your oral cavity, and an oral cancer screening, you can see how valuable it is to the wellness of your teeth, gums, and your entire mouth.

Contact our office and schedule your six month checkup with us. It’s vital for today and for the long term.

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