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Teeth Whitening in New Egypt

New Egypt Dentist
New Egypt Dentist

If you want to have a beautiful white and bright smile, you should come to see one of our cosmetic dentist at our Browns Mills Dental Center. At our dental office our New Egypt dentist will be able to provide you with options for teeth whitening so that you will have a beautiful whiter and brighter smile.

Our two expert dentists, Dr. Asad S. Sadiq and Dr. Benjamin Nero, will be able to give you information about the different teeth whitening options that we offer at our dental practice. Patients are able to have their teeth whitened at our office using our state-of-the-art teeth bleaching system. This teeth whitening treatment takes about one hour while you comfortably relax in our dentist’s chair. This is the best way to achieve immediate and dramatic teeth whitening results. If you have an upcoming social event that you want to have your teeth whitened for, this may be the best way for you to proceed. At our office, patients are also able to purchase our take-home teeth bleaching system. This treatment can be used by our patients in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Patients can achieve whiter smile in a matter of days. Some of our patients also enjoy the fact that they are able to control the amount of teeth whitening that they receive, and are able to stop treatment when they feel their teeth have reached their desired level of whiteness. Our New Egypt dentist will be able to meet with you so that you will be able to decide which type of tooth whitening procedure you would like to proceed with. Our dentist will also want to examine your teeth to make sure there are no other dental issues which will need to be addressed after the tooth whitening occurs, such as possible replacement of tooth-colored cosmetic fillings. Teeth whitening only affects natural tooth enamel and will not make a difference to the color of cosmetic fillings or porcelain restorations.

To meet with our New Egypt dentist, simply contact our office today.

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