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Dental Crowns in New Egypt

New Egypt Dentist
New Egypt Dentist

So many people wish to improve the overall appearance of their teeth, and there are many different things that people might find wrong with their particular smile that bothers them. As common as cosmetic dentistry is, there is no one-size-fits-all cosmetic procedure that can address every single person’s individual needs. By seeing one of our dentists here at Browns Mills Dental Center, however, you can learn about the variety of different cosmetic procedures that are available that might benefit you. Our New Egypt dentist might just be able to provide you with dental crowns, teeth whitening, or another procedure that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Some cosmetic dental procedures are considered to be purely cosmetic, whereas others may also have medical uses as well. This is certainly the nature of dental crowns. Dental crowns are used to restore teeth in shape and size, but by doing so you are also restoring your teeth to their proper function as well, which is incredibly important for your overall dental health. People who have uneven teeth, damaged teeth, broken teeth, chipped teeth, or even individuals who have recently undergone root canal therapy or other similar procedures where significant amounts of tooth mass have been removed, and two crowns can be used in order to help restore their smiles as well as the teeth that have been affected. Dental crowns are prostheses that are applied to teeth in need, generally by using a tooth colored resin that is molded into the desired shape and set into place. Dental crowns can also be used for purely cosmetic reasons such as covering up stained or yellowed tooth roots. Here at Browns Mills Dental Center, our New Egypt dentist can also provide you with simpler fixes such as teeth whitening. While many people are tempted to try over-the-counter whitening kits and gel strips, these options are likely to cause adverse effects such as allergic reactions, pain and discomfort, sensitivity, or uneven results, if not all of the above. With a professional teeth whitening however, our dentist will be able to personally examine your teeth, provide you with the exact whitening you need in order to achieve the smile you want.

There are plenty of ways in which you can achieve the smile that you have always wanted, but your best bet is to always see a cosmetic dentist to discuss your options. If you would like to improve your smile, then simply call us here at Browns Mills Dental Center learn more about what we can offer and to book an appointment with our New Egypt dentist today.

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