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Dental Fillings in Brown Mills

Dentist 08060
Dentist 08060

Do you experience a sharp pain in one of your teeth when you eat something sweet? If so, chances are that you may have a dental cavity. Dental cavities very easy to treat. However, as we all know, they will never go away by themselves. For this reason it is a good idea if you suspect you have a dental cavity that you come to our dental office. This way our dentist 08060 will be able to provide you with cavity treatment while the cavity is still small.

Our dental practice is Browns Mills Dental Center. We are very happy to have many highly skilled and expert dentists on staff. They are: Dr. Asad S. Sadiq; Dr. Benjamin Nero; Dr. Mala Siew-Narine; Dr. Reena Goyal; Dr. Unum Rahmat; and Dr. Zaki Sadiq. If you have a dental cavity that needs treating and want to come in for a comprehensive dental exam, simply contact our office. If it is determined that you do indeed have a dental cavity our dentist 08060 will be able to offer you two different types of filling materials. Many cavities are filled with silver amalgam fillings. This filling material is the more traditional filling material which is very strong and long-lasting. It is ideal to fill cavities on the flat back surfaces of molars which need to withstand vigorous chewing forces.

We also offer tooth-colored composite fillings. Our dentist 08060 will make recommendation on which filling material to use; this generally is based on the size and location of the cavity. If a cavity is on a portion of the tooth which shows when the patient smiles or speaks our dentist most likely recommend that a composite tooth-colored filling is used. These fillings are very aesthetically pleasing; in fact, they can be just about impossible to detect on the tooth. However, tooth-colored fillings are not as strong as silver amalgam fillings. Cosmetic tooth fillings do have the advantage that not as much tooth enamel generally needs to be removed to have these fillings installed. Tooth-colored composite fillings actually work by bonding to the tooth and serve to strengthen the tooth. If it has been a while since you have had a comprehensive dental exam, we hope you will make an appointment to come in to be seen by one of our dentists. Should it be discovered that you have a cavity, our dentist will be able to provide you with excellent cavity treatment.

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