Teeth cleaning in Brown Mills

Teeth Cleaning in Brown Mills

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Dental decay treatment in Brown Mills

Teeth cleaning in Brown Mills
Teeth cleaning in Brown Mills

Have you been having pain in your tooth when you eat something sweet? Do you see a discoloration or pitting on a part of your tooth? If so, you may well have a cavity that needs treatment. Dental decay can happen even with the best of care. However professional teeth cleaning in Brown Mills can definitely be helpful in preventing cavities.

Many patients in our office get cavities, despite the greatest at-home teeth cleaning regimen and in-office dental care. Sometimes cavities just can happen. Of course, having a regular teeth cleaning in Brown Mills will most likely reduce the likelihood of getting dental decay. At Browns Mill Dental Center our dentists, Drs. Asad S. Sadiq and Benjamin Nero are both strong proponents of preventive dental care as an important way to help keep teeth and gums healthy. However, at our practice we know that cavities do occur – and when they do our dentists can expertly fix them and restore your teeth to excellent health. Dental cavities are simply damage to the tooth; a cavity can affect the outer portion of the tooth, the enamel, or progress on to the inner layer of the tooth. Cavities are caused by carbohydrate particles that say on your teeth; when this mixes with the bacteria in your mouth these carbs are turned into acid. The bacteria, acid, food, and saliva create plaque which sticks to the teeth, eventually dissolving tooth enamel. Effective tooth brushing and flossing is a great way to help keep this from happening.

Although cavities are very common in children, they can also be a problem for adults as well. If you eat a lot of sugared foods, or foods with high levels of carbohydrates you are much more likely to get cavities. Our dentists will be able to determine if you have any cavities during our regular dental examination. Searching for cavities will include a close visual exam, and also will include our use of x-rays to check between the teeth. If you have a tooth that hurts, especially after eating or drinking something sweet, hot or cold, you may well have a cavity. The way our dentist will treat a cavity will depend upon the cavity’s size and location. Basically the decayed part of the tooth will be drilled away and replaced with a filling material. This is done using local anesthesia and our patients remain totally comfortable during this procedure. A good periodic teeth cleaning in Brown Mills will help prevent this problem. If you would like to visit our office for a comprehensive exam and teeth cleaning, contact us today.

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