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Dental crowns in Pemberton Township

Pemberton Township dentist
Pemberton Township dentist

Browns Mills Dental Center, the professional office of your Pemberton Township dentist, offers a variety of dental services encompassing general dental care, restorative and cosmetic treatments designed to maintain, preserve, enhance and restore your naturally beautiful smile. Whether you have been scrutinizing the appearance of your teeth and gums for years and have wanted to seek treatment or have recently experienced a change that requires immediate attention, we provide a number of professional services that will allow you to achieve the look as well as function you desire.

If you have a tooth that has decayed to the point that a large portion needs to be removed, or if your tooth is cracked, severely stained or discolored, your Pemberton Township dentist at Browns Mills Dental Center may recommend the use of a dental crown or cap. This technique allows you to retain the use of your natural tooth with additional strength and camouflage. Materials used for dental crowns are designed to blend with the size, color and shape of the surrounding teeth and are generally comprised of porcelain or ceramic. Our caring and knowledgeable team of professionals will thoroughly explain the details of the procedure as well as any follow up care that may be required.

Many patients feel the whiteness of their teeth is an indication of youthfulness as well as healthiness. Teeth whitening is another dental service offered by your premier Pemberton Township Dentist at Browns Mills Dental Center and we provide both an in-office and take home version. Your teeth may become duller, less bright and yellow or gray due to a variety of factors including; age, the use of caffeine and nicotine products, as a side effect of medications or from certain foods or drinks. We will provide a thorough consultation and examination to assess the level of whiteness you will be able to achieve with each of our whitening treatments. At the conclusion of all of our dental services including dental crowns and teeth whitening, we will advise you regarding when to return to your twice daily brushing and flossing home care regimen as well as recommend continued regular dental examinations and professional cleanings to ensure a healthy mouth for a lifetime.

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