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Teeth Whitening in Brown Mills

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Teeth Whitening in Brown Mills
Teeth Whitening in Brown Mills

A whiter and brighter smile isn’t out of reach. At Browns Mills Dental Center, we offer both an in-office option as well as an at home one, so you know you can count on our teeth whitening in Browns Mills to give you teeth that you will be pleased to see when you look in the mirror. Don’t fall for the claims of over the counter products. Though some of them have a mild whitening effect, some of them actually can cause damage to your tooth enamel. Put your trust in the professional expertise you can get right here.

With our in-office teeth whitening, you will see a noticeable difference after just a single session. And if you would prefer the convenience of doing it yourself at home, we’re happy to oblige. While not quite as strong as our in-office version, you’ll still see some impressive results after just a few days. And you’re not on your own. We’ll make sure that you understand the simple steps involved in doing it at home. With our teeth whitening in Browns Mills, even if your teeth are yellowed or brown, you will still experience improvement. Of course, the less stained or discolored your teeth are at the outset, the whiter you can expect your teeth to look when your treatments are complete. The number of sessions, either here or at home, that you will require will depend on your tooth whitening goals as well as the color of your teeth right now.

Smoking, or using smokeless tobacco, along with foods and drinks that include berries, soy sauce, curry, red wine, tea, and coffee are known culprits in the discoloration of teeth. But regardless of your personal habits, there is a natural process of aging that makes your teeth less white. Your tooth enamel slowly wears down and the less white tissue underneath is revealed. Some medications, such as tetracycline, are also responsible for causing tooth discoloration. Our teeth whitening in Browns Mills┬áis safe and effective, but it’s not permanent. After a few years, you will likely need a touch-up treatment. Our dentist will discuss this with you based on your unique circumstances.

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